How Zodiac Ring Changed My Life


Zodiac rings are rings made of paanchdhatu. Let me narrate my story and how zodiac rings affected my life. I was a middle class housewife, who was always struggling to find jobs. No matter how well I did in interviews I wouldn’t succeed. I tried hard, contacted people and prepared well for the interview, still success eluded me. I even consulted a friend who knew an astrologer, he took down my time of birth and place of birth and told me your struggle will continue, try fasting every Thursday. I started doing as told, but it was of no use. I continued my struggle.

I later contacted a friend who was working in the HR department of a company, she told me she would help me. I went to her company, cleared all the rounds, and in the final round I found that she was on leave that day, and somebody else would take my interview, I was rejected in the final round. I was totally dejected, I decided to give up my struggle totally. My husband also told me don’t try anymore, perhaps your luck is bad.

Suddenly I saw an advertisement of zodiac rings they said, on wearing these rings a person’s luck would change totally. I even read the story of the manufacturer who said he had personally used the rings and his luck had changed. I didn’t want to spend any money so initially I decided against purchasing that ring. I continued applying for jobs to multinational firms and kept failing.

While all this was happening, my husband got transferred to Mumbai, I moved with him to Mumbai. I thought it would be easy to find a job in Mumbai as there were many multinational firms here and there were better opportunities than in Nasik.  One of my friend also suggested zodiac rings to me, she said, her relationship with her husband had improved since she wore these rings. I discussed this with my husband. He laughed at the idea and said, he had no faith in the occult sciences. I even told him that the rings had a scientific basis, but he scoffed at the idea.

I shared my husband’s remarks with my friend. She said she would gift me the ring and then I could see the changes with my own eyes. The next day, she ordered the ring online for me and told me that I  had to wear it on the right hand only. I could wear it on any finger except the middle finger. I was excited as I had already read many reviews of the astrological rings.

The next day I wore the ring after having bath and performing puja. I wore it in the forefinger as it was too big for the ring finger. You won’t believe it but two days after wearing the ring I got call for interview to a multinational firm and I got selected in the interview. Since the day I have worn that ring, I have been called for so many job interviews and I have a very good job today.


Zodiac Rings can Bring you Good Luck


If you are going through troubled times in your life, consider wearing zodiac rings. These rings can not only bring good luck in your life, they can completely change your fortune. These rings can improve your concentration power, your will power and also your self-confidence and make you more assertive. These lucky rings are made after careful calculation of your sun signs, based on Vedic astrology.

These rings can completely change your fortune. Whether it is you family life or love life or business, lucky power rings cover all spheres of life. These lucky rings have been made after detailed research and keeping into account the person’s zodiac sign its astrological positioning and other such factors.

The person who has designed lucky rings is an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer, who has received a PhD from Rochville University for his research on Zodiac power rings. This person first wore this lucky ring himself and found a huge change in his luck. He started getting more business opportunities and everything in his surrounding changed for the better. The manufacturer’s family has been in the business of jewellery making and also astrologers for generations. The combination of these two factors has resulted in these lucky power rings. Because zodiac rings are based on your sun signs, they should be worn keeping in mind, your birthday and sun sign. If you wear the correct ring based on your birth chart, it will help you in your relationships, your career, business and even studies, if you are a student. These power rings even improve your personality. They improve in the following spheres:

Preventing any kind of mood swing

Reducing mental stress

Improving your overall personality

Preventing anger

As a result of reducing these factors, you achieve greater peace of mind, a relaxed body and you are in high spirits. This makes you a more positive person.

This will result in you becoming a more productive person.

Individuals of each of the twelve sun signs of the zodiac have different personality. Each individual has a unique personality and they also behave differently in different situations. This is the field where lucky zodiac rings work.  They work on the principle that each sun sign has some metal lacking in them.  Consequently when you wear these rings based on sun signs, the need for that particular ring is fulfilled and the imbalance which was there in your body due to the metal it lacked is balanced.

Lucky rings must be worn on the right hand only. You can wear them on all fingers even your thumb, except the middle finger.

 Zodiac Power Rings must be worn on your right hand only. You can wear them on your thumb and any other finger except the middle finger.

These rings are reasonably priced and are great for gifting purposes too. They are sold as rings, pendants, armors, bangles, and H3 frame. Enhance your prospects in business and life by wearing these lucky. They will not only improve your business, but also your love life.

How zodiac signs affect our lives?


If you happen to be in a relationship, or even single and looking for really like, using a really like astrology is an excellent way to get understanding regarding issues of really like. Using your indication is an excellent way to access information about you lifestyle, health and fitness, profession, and even a really like astrology. There are many ways of which a person could obtain a really like astrology. Even web sites like offer really like astrological readings for free and all you have to do is get into your indication. Your indication performs an important part in opening the long run of your lifestyle, and the secrets of really like. One you get into your indication, you will have a better understand of what is going on in your relationship or within your relationship.

Individuals believe that celebrities figure out our individualities, lifestyle and destinies; there is a positive effect on every individual’s lifestyle. Our historical forefathers like to call this a examining and forecast from the celebrities. There are many signs that horoscope impacts relationships of many individuals.

Some says that the zodiac signs can give us a reference on knowing and understanding the people we work with and knowing if we are compatible with our partners. Some psychics for their client use some astrological signs as a guide while they determine the compatibility of their desired partner.

If you are in a relationship, or simply looking for really like, it is much better to take these issues of really like to horoscope professionals. You will be able to access information about your lifestyle, your lover’s lifestyle, profession, and even health and fitness. It is said that symptoms performs an important part in opening the near future of your lifestyle, the secrets of certain really like.

You can also get guiding information for your problems in intimacy and sexuality. It is believed that compatibility does not rely only on love interest; it also has something to do with your sexual activity. Whether or not your love sign reflects or captures the specific details to make a compatible match.

Take this action and see if it performs for you. You should examine properly out your own sun indication and indicate on each factor that a particular email or astrologer creates and utilize it to your lifestyle. Think about certain information that was published for your indication and see if it has identical situation. ZODIAC POWER RINGS are made from a mixture of five base metals (Panchdhatu) viz. Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper & Zinc, in their purest forms. These are the basic metals found in the human body and their combinations influence the human body to a very great extent. These 5 metals are individually taken at their optimal melting conditions, at scientifically calculated temperatures, & mixed in an exact proportion as decided astrologically. When taken at their exact proportions they highlight the characteristics of the person wearing them. ZODIAC POWER RINGS act as an antenna for that particular zodiac person, who is wearing it and charge them with those powers they are weak in, thereby giving them that extra power they were previously lacking.

One Ring can change your life!!


After much research I figured out that each zodiac sign would require a unique composition and a specific time of making the ring based on tidal waves and astral positioning. After this I made another ring based on my sun sign, after wearing it only for fifteen days, much to my surprise I found tremendous change in my life. Owing to my knowledge of jewellery and my good luck, I was appointed as a consultant with a multinational jewellery firm, I could make a good living for myself. With this I could also achieve my current goal, that of helping people change their destiny.

I began gifting the paanchdhatu rings to friends and relatives without letting them know of its life changing quality. Most of my friends found great success after wearing that ring. After this I not only decided to market the rings, I also wrote a thesis of my research and sent it to US for a PhD. I felt that if I had a scientific backing for this product, people would easily put their faith in it. The authorities in Rochville University were so impressed with my thesis that they granted me a PhD in Metallic Powers.

I had many celebrity clients too who were ready to pay any amount to get the ring, but my dream was to serve the common people only. I decided to make this product available for the common public as the Zodiac Power Ring. I gave small advertisements in papers to educate people about my product. I even offered money back guarantee to those customers who were not satisfied with the product. Slowly and steadily people started buying the rings and benefiting from it. Gradually I managed to create a nationwide market for my product by word of mouth publicity. I have sold a million zodiac rings and my elder son Gaurav has also joined me in my business and my younger son Gautam and my wife Kabita have been a great source of motivation for me. Inspired by them I have come up with newer innovations such as Zodiac Power Pendants, Cards, Armours, Bangles and Pens that would serve a purpose similar to that of the Ring, which is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

The Story of My Life After wearing Zodiac Power Ring


As I found that destiny played a major role in my life I decided to research on destiny. I found a new goal in my life, which was to help people change their destinies and live a happy and full life. Before I could help people I had to find more about destiny, fate and horoscopes. Did they affect everybody’s life and how one could change one’s fate.  I started doing extensive research on destiny based on my great grandfather, Aghat  Jalui’s work. He was a renowned Vedic Astrologer, during the British Rule. His studies helped me to know how Zodiac signs play an important role in a person’s behavior, life and destiny.

His studies often made references to Holy Scriptures, and mainly to Bhagvad Gita. He made mention of Paanchdhatu,  this concept  really caught my attention. It is mentioned in Bhagvad Gita, that Lord Krishna gave Arjuna an armour made of Paanchdhatu. This means a combination of five unique metals. This would help Arjuna. This unique armour would help Arjun get ober his dilemma and choose the correct path, the righteous one and made him courageous enough to face his own family in the battle of Kurukshetra. The armour made of Paanchdhatu not only made him physically stronger, but also had a strong mental impact which was a boon to Arjuna in the course of Mahabharata.

This research showed to me how the combination of five metals, that are gold, silver, copper, iron and zinc can transform, one’s life for the better. After this I began researching on what would be the appropriate combination of the five metals and how it would work as per zodiac sun signs. Based on my research and my sun sign I made a ring of Paanchdhatu for myself. I had very high expectations from the ring, but I was not meeting all my expectations. I attended seminars, classes on Vedic and Western Astrology,face reading, palmistry, handwriting analyses and Vaastu Shastra. Thus began my experiments with horoscope rings.

My Experiments With Horoscope Rings


As my father had become depressed and was mentally and emotionally in capable of taking care of the business he trusted me and felt that I could take care of the business despite all odds. I passed my SSC exams and at the age of 16 joined my father’s business. I wanted to complete my higher studies too, so along with joining my father’s business I joined St. Xavier’s college. At that phase in my life, I had three goals in my life. First was to get my elder sisters married in good families, second was to expand my father’s business and do something different in the field of jewellery making and thirdly I wanted to move into a bigger flat.

After I completed my graduation I achieved my first goal, I got my elder sisters married in good families. Now was the time for fulfillment of my goal number two, so I joined courses in gem stones, diamonds and jewellery making to expand my current skill set. Gradually I took complete charge of my father’s business and my father retired from the business. After I had completed all courses in jewellery I applied all the knowledge I had gathered from the courses in my business, my business grew exponentially.  Thus I achieved my second goal, that of expanding my father’s business.

After this I achieved my third goal, we moved into a two bedrooms, hall, and kitchen flat in the same vicinity where we used to live earlier. I got married in 1987. Because I had seen so many ups and downs in my life, I realized that destiny, plays a major role in our lives. I started searching for a solution, in the form of horoscope rings that would help me change destiny. I made this a goal of my life. I decided to extensively research on destiny, its role and a solution that would help me transform my fate.

My Experiments With Zodiac Power Rings


The story of my life has several ups and downs and it may appear like a movie story, but because of these ups and downs, I started looking for a solution that would help me live my life happily without having to go through these problems. This made me research on horoscope rings. The story of my life and my experiments with zodiac rings that would change my luck and my desire to share my good luck with others has made me narrate my life story to you. I faced most of the trials of my life with equanimity, but all the while, I was looking for a solution that would help me enjoy my life to the full. Let me first tell you my story in brief.

I was born in the year 1960, in Mumbai in a lower middle class family. My father was a farmer from West Bengal. He came to Mumbai for better job prospects. He learnt jewellery manufacturing and started his own jewellery business at Zaveri Bazaar, in the year 1945. We lived in a small house in a Mumbai chawl. The room was just 100sq ft. in area. My family comprised of my mother, father, three elder sisters and a younger brother. I was the fourth child, but  I was elder among the sons. The responsibility of looking after my father’s business fell on  me as I was the eldest son. When I was a kid, my father’s business was running well. He could afford to buy a three bedroom flat in Marine Drive. Life was good and everything was running smoothly.  Suddenly my father suffered a huge loss in business, he had to unfortunately sell the house at Marine Drive and buy a smaller one room kitchen flat in Mahim to pay off the debts he had incurred due to the loss in business. We took the changes in lifestyle in our stride .